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Gila Monsters - Physical Description

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Gila Monsters belong to one of the two venomous lizard species of the world. The other poisonous lizard is the Mexican Beaded lizard. The Gila Monster is unique among other reptiles. It is large, heavy-bodied, possessing a massive head, and small eyes. One of the characteristic signs of the lizard's appearance is its short, swollen tail. The body is a spotted pattern of black, pink, orange, or yellow scales.

The skin of the Gila Monster is often called beadlike. It is made up of rounded, raised scales. The legs of the lizard are rather short, and set far apart. The curved claws on the feet are used for digging. The tongue of the Gila Monster is snake-like. These lizards tend to flick out their forked tongue, as they crawl. It helps them pick up scents.

Gila Monsters - Physical Description - Scientific Name:

Heloderma suspectum

Gila Monsters - Physical Description - Range:

The Gila Monster is a desert species. It is found in southwestern Utah, the southern tip of Nevada, southwestern New Mexico, Arizona, and Sonora. They are also found in Northwestern Mexico.
 Gila Monsters - Pictures
The Gila Ranch

Gila Monsters - Physical Description - Size:

This is the largest lizard known to the United States. A large adult lizard is normally 20-21 inches long. Hatchlings are usually six to six and one-half inches in length. Growth rate the Gila Monster is slow. Young lizards grow at a faster rate than the adults. The Gila Monster typically weighs three to five pounds.

Gila Monsters - Physical Description - Life Span:

Gila Monsters tend to live 20 to 30 years.

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